Consortium for Human Resource Development in Volcanology



The program is separated into fundamental, application, and advanced courses. Students in the fundamental course participate in volcanology field studies and seminars sponsored by the consortium, in addition to university classes, to gain the necessary credits for completion. After finishing the fundamental course series, students advance to the application course, where they participate in internships, give conference presentations, and take university and consortium classes to gain the necessary credits for completion. Students who completed the application course can further participate in the advanced course during doctorate program, where they take classes for deepening the knowledge about volcano disaster mitigation and monitoring technique, and develop their research abilities.

Class subjects

A. Class subjects at universities participating in or collaborating with the consortium

Gain knowledge and skills necessary for research practice in the main sub-disciplines of volcanology, classes are primarily designed for Master's students, including geophysics, geology/petrology, geochemistry, disaster mitigation science, and natural disaster science.

B. Classes provided by the consortium and others

Volcanology field study

Learn the measurement and survey techniques for geophysics, geology/petrology, and geochemistry related to volcanology, at active volcanoes in Japan and internationally.

Volcanology seminar

Learn the latest volcanology research, volcano measurements in engineering and agriculture, fields related to disaster mitigation, and humanities/social sciences related to natural disasters.

C. Internships

Participate in internships related to earth sciences, natural disasters, and measurement/survey techniques sponsored by the national government, local municipalities, private companies, and research institutions to gain work experience and comprehensively understand the job sites applicable to volcano disaster mitigation.

D. Conference presentations

Students develop research abilities by presenting their own volcanology research.

Classes sponsored by the consortium

Volcanology field study

Class nameDateInstructorsRemarks
Kirishima (2017)Mar. 12-17, 2017Report
Kusatsu-Shirane (2017)Sep. 3-8, 2017
Aso (2017)Sep. 24, 2017
Sakurajima (2018)Mar. 4-9, 2018
Zao (2018)Oct. 6-8, 2018Report
Unzen (2018)Oct. 28-31, 2018
Kirishima (2019)Mar. 3-8, 2019
Tarumae (2019)Sep. 8-13, 2019Report
Kusatsu-Shirane (2020)Aug. 30 - Sep. 4, 2020Report
Izu-Oshima (2020)Sep. 30 - Oct. 2, 2020
Kirishima (2021)Mar. 7-12, 2021

Overseas field study

Class nameDateInstructorsRemarks
Stromboli (2017)Jun. 21-30, 2017
Stromboli (2018)Jun. 8-16, 2018
Sinabung, Toba (2018)Jul. 9-14, 2018
ACV-FC3 (Yogyakarta, 2018)Nov. 19-22, 2018
Stromboli (2019)2019/6/13-25
ACV-FC4 (Taipei, 2019)Oct. 28 - Nov. 2, 2019

Volcanology seminar

Class nameDateInstructorsRemarks
Forum of Integr. Program for
Next Generation Volcano Res. and
Human Resource Development
Feb. 15, 2017
Symposium of Earthquake and Volcano
Hazards Obs. and Res. Program
Mar. 6-7, 2017
Social science 1 (Tohoku U., 2017)Jun. 2, 2017Jibiki, Y.
Social science 2 (Tohoku U., 2017)Jul. 7, 2017Tamura, K.
Eruption cloud obs. (Kagoshima U., 2017)Sep. 25-26, 2017Maki, M.
Social science 3 (Tohoku U., 2017)Oct. 10, 2017Nishide, N.
Eruption cloud simulation
(Tohoku U., 2017)
Nov. 30, 2017Suzuki, Y. J.
Volcanic gas (Tohoku U., 2018)Feb. 15, 2018Shinohara, H.
Material science (Tohoku U., 2018)Feb. 26-27, 2018Nakamura, M.
et al.
Geophysics and Petrology
(Hokkaido U., 2018)
Mar. 2, 2018Hashimoto, T.
Aoyama, H.
Kuritani, T.
Symposium of Earthquake and Volcano
Hazards Obs. and Res. Program
Mar. 14-16, 2018
Social science 1 (Tohoku U., 2018)Jun. 28, 2018Sakamoto, M.
Volcanic SABO (Tohoku U., 2018)Jul. 19-20, 2018 Fujita, M.
Tsutsumi, D.
Geodesy (Tohoku U., 2018)Dec. 9, 2018Fujiwara, S.
Kawamoto, S.
Geochemistry (Tohoku U., 2019)Jan. 10-11, 2019Nogami, K.
Laboratory experiment (U. Tokyo, 2019)Feb. 19-20, 2019Ichihara, M.
Geomagnetism (Hokkaido U., 2019)Feb. 22, 2019Hashimoto, T.
Social science 1 (Tohoku U., 2019)Jun. 6, 27, 2019Jibiki, Y.
Social science 2 (Tohoku U., 2019)Jul. 11, 2019Sekiya, N.
Volcano monitoring (JMA, 2019)Jul. 22 - Aug. 1, 2019
Numerical simulation (Tohoku U., 2019)Aug. 1-2, 2019Kozono, T.
Social science 3 (Kobe U., 2019)Sep. 28, 2019Tanaka, A.
JMA seminar (Tohoku U., 2019)Oct. 10-11, 2019Miyamura, J.
Uhira, K.
Fujimatsu, J.
Eruption cloud obs. (Kyoto U., 2019)Nov. 11-12, 2019Maki, M.
Material science (Tohoku U., 2020)Feb. 17-18, 2020Nakamura, M.
et al.
Thermology (Tohoku U., 2020)Feb. 19-20, 2020Terada, A.
Petrology (Hokkaido U., 2020)Feb. 26, 2020Kuritani, T.
Symposium of Earthquake and Volcano
Hazards Obs. and Res. Program
May 26, 2020
Social science 1 (Webinar, 2020)Jun. 4-5, 2020Jibiki, Y.
Social science 2 (Webinar, 2020)Jun. 25, 2020Sakamoto, M.
Volcanic SABO (Webinar, 2020)Jul. 17, 2020Fujita, M.
Tsutsumi, D.
Geodesy (GSI, 2020)Nov. 12-13, 2020Munekane, H.
Hatanaka, Y.
Morishita, Y.
Furuya, T.
Weather Radar (Tohoku U., 2020)Dec. 17-18, 2020Oishi, S.
Laboratory experiment
(U. Tokyo, Kyushu U., 2020)
Feb. 18, 22, 2020Ichihara, M.
Seismology (Webinar, 2020)Mar. 2, 2020Aoyama, H.
Symposium of Earthquake and Volcano
Hazards Obs. and Res. Program
Mar. 16-17, 2020

Special training and seminar

Class nameDateInstructorsRemarks
Seminar for disaster risk reduction (Unzen, 2018)Oct. 31 - Nov. 2, 2018
Seminar with EOS (Singapore, 2019)Oct. 14-15, 2019
Seminar for disaster risk reduction (Nagano, 2019)Oct. 28-31, 2019
Seminar for disaster risk reduction (Aso, 2020)Oct. 20-22, 2020Report
Seminar with EOS (Webinar, 2020)Nov. 19, 2020